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About the Best Boyfriend Award Template

Now, we thought long and hard about the title for this certificate, and we wonder how many of you spotted the different ways the message could be read. For young love, this is a great gift to give someone you’ve got a crush on and want them to know they are extra special. For those who are in their early teens their grasp of the English language may mean that they can give this card to their best (favorite) boyfriend, but that implies he might not be the only one. Finally, there comes the meaning of the word ‘certified’ as, in legal terms, it means ‘insane’, so you are basically telling them they must be mad to go out with you!

With such a choice of meanings behind the certificate, we’re sure you will present it in its most loving sense, and will enjoy adding a photo of the two of you together using the design tools, which is remarkably simple to do, after adding the name of the person who makes your heart skip a beat whenever you see them.