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About the Totally Awesome Template

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It is difficult not to think of the name Barney Stinson when it comes to epitomizing the word “awesome”. If you haven’t seen the American TV series How I met Your Mother then you won’t have a clue who Barney is, but just about everything in his life, including himself, is totally “awesome”; It is almost a catchword. So, the question is, do you know someone who is totally awesome and, more to the point, why do you think they are so awesome? That, of course is a wholly subjective matter as the person in question may simply look jaw-droppingly gorgeous, or they may have just climbed Mount Everest!

The great thing about our Totally Awesome Certificate is that thanks to the easy-to-use design tool, you can personalise the certificate to indicate what sort of awesomeness has seen you decide it needs to be recognized in such a manner. One thing’s for sure. When you present the recipient with such a personal and thoughtful certificate, chances are they are going to think it is totally awesome too, and probably you as well!