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About the Tooth Fairy Certificate 2 Template

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We like the tooth fairy as you probably guessed as we've got three different templates for you to choose from. Our Tooth Fairy Certificate a great opportunity to engage your children even more with the myth of the tooth fairy, which is also a great way of distracting them from the fact all their teeth are falling out! The certificate is also a great way of letting your young son or daughter know that the tooth fairy isn't just about money and that she doesn't have a slush fund with unlimited access to cash.

With all three of the templates for the tooth fairy, you can adapt and personalize them as much as you want thanks to the easy-to-use designer tools. You can add more fairies, a picture of your child with a toothless grin, a picture of the tooth you've, sorry, the tooth fairy took away with her, and a whole host of other images. So, get creative and print off your first Tooth Fairy Certificate, your children will love it!