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About the Taekwondo Black Belt Certificate Template

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It’s always a surprise to learn that a martial art doesn’t have its origins in China or Japan, and doesn’t go back millennia. That is definitely the case with Taekwondo, the Korean martial art that was only developed in the 1940s. Yes, it may have its origins firmly rooted in Karate, but we also know and respect there are less-than-subtle differences. What we do understand is that anyone who achieves the hallowed status of black belt in any martial art is clearly a very dedicated and committed person. Black belts aren’t just handed out “as a matter of course”, they are earned, and we mean, earned. So, talking of dedicated – surely such an achievement requires acknowledgement in the form of a Black Belt Taekwondo Certificate personally dedicated to the recipient?

We have just the thing for you with our Taekwondo Black Belt Certificate which can be very easily adapted, thanks to our easy-to-use- design toolkit. You can include images you have downloaded off the net or add a photograph of the lucky recipient resplendent in their full regalia – the options are as endless as your creative imagination!