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About the Student Of The Month Award Template

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We have mentioned in the descriptions of a number of our academic awards that we want to create a great selection of awards and certificates for teachers as we realise that there is little for most teachers in the education budget for rewards and awards for students. However, we’re thinking that students haven’t changed much in a generation and that to receive a formal certificate marking their academic achievement is as much a reward and motivator as it used to be. There’s never any harm in creating a bit of extra competition in the classroom and when the reward is a monthly one, that competitive spirit remains fresh.

Better still, thanks to our handy design toolkit, you can play around with these certificates and you can add images to make the certificate appropriate for individual subjects as opposed to an overall Student of the Month. Add a few test tubes and elements from the Periodic Table for a Science award, loads of equations for a Math award or some mini maps for a Geography award – the choices are endless. Knowing that as a teacher you are going to be severely limited on spare time, we have even made it possible to store your personal designs for future use, meaning after the first time, you can be printing a new Student of the Month Award within a minute of logging on!