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About the Spelling Bee Champion Template

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We double-checked all the wording on this great-looking certificate for obvious reasons, so don’t let us down when you fill in all the details! We like this certificate as the spelling bee is definitely a “high profile” event at any school, and if the champion is a district, regional or national champion, then all the more reason to be the deserving recipient of a very special certificate. However, the word “champion” means that only the very, very best speller will get such an accolade, which seems a little selective when it could be used for so much more good.

What are we talking about? Well, if you are a proud mom or dad and one of your children has been working really hard on their spelling, doesn’t that also mean they are deserving of a fabulous certificate? If you have a home-made spelling bee, even if your son or daughter is the only one taking part, if they do well don’t they deserve to be crowned “Champion”? After all, when very young, it is hard to think that doing well today will result in a great job in fifteen years’ time, but winning a cool certificate will go a long way to encouraging your child to carry on the good work.