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About the Spelling Bee 1st Place Template

Depending on where you are a teacher, the purse strings in your school might be quite tight, on the basis they could afford purses with strings in the first place. For teachers it is frustrating beyond belief to have to deny your pupils little rewards that they truly deserve. Let’s face it, a teacher’s salary isn’t high enough for you to be able to invest in your pupils, yet we know that so many of you do so all the same. You understand the power of rewards, and we don’t mean sweets and treats, we mean something tangible and appropriate, which is why we created this Spelling Bee 1st Place award.

We like to think that Clever Certificates will become a one-stop-shop for teachers to get access to a variety of award certificates for deserving pupils that won’t break the bank every time you decide you need to print one off. You also know how proud your pupils will be to be able to take home a stylish-looking certificate to show off to their parents how well they did at school. Be careful when you fill in the name of the spelling bee winner though, we can’t imagine anything more embarrassing than spelling the recipient’s name incorrectly!