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About the Opening Night Certificate Template

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Do you know any thespians? No, not one of them, we mean someone who likes to perform on stage, whether professionally or a the am-dram level. These people are often the most superstitious on the planet, so if you want to freak them out when you go to the theater, just mention Shakespeare's Macbeth or start whistling. If you get the chance to go backstage, these are two of the biggest no-no's in theatre circles, and we don't mean the balcony. Hence, also, the good luck expression ‘break a leg’. We reckon thespians are a strange bunch anyway, as the third thing you are not allowed to do is wish them ‘good luck'.

Joking aside, break a leg is a genuinely kind thing to say to anyone before opening night, and if you haven't got the chance to be there, why not send them a copy of our Break a Leg Award? We've created a smart template that is easy to personalize by inserting their name and the production they are in, then you can either print it off and mail it to them, or you can download the award as a digital image and email it to them, or post it on their Facebook page.