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About the My First Fish Certificate Template

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This is definitely one for the kids and a great way to create a lasting memory of what for many is a 'rite of passage' on the journey through childhood. If you're a fisherman then like every other one, you'll remember that very first fish you caught as though it was yesterday. However, have you anything else to help you remember that day? What could be better than giving your son, or daughter, a certificate they can pin up on their bedroom wall to help the excitement last a little longer, and for them to smile at with pride each time they look at it.

We've set the ball rolling by creating a cute template which, thanks to the simple design tools available for all of our templates, you can get creative with and add those extra personal details. Upload a photo, style your child's name in bright bold letters, there are no limits, and then watch their face light up when you present them with their personal My first Fish Certificate.