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About the My First Easter Award Template

Becoming new parents is both scary and wonderful all rolled in to one. With each new day, week, month or year, there is a raft of “firsts” that are experienced, and each, in their own way, is memorable. So, what about your infant’s first Easter. Obviously, they are going to be too young to be let loose with chocolate Easter eggs, but they’re definitely a candidate for fluffy Easter Bunnies and cute chickens. No doubt the day will be full of joy and surprises, and we are confident that all of them will be recorded with the camera on your smartphone.

That’s perfect as our First Easter Award certificate is so easy to personalize those photographs you have taken will prove invaluable. You’ll be able to download them and then add them to this certificate to create a beautiful visual reminder of your child’s first Easter with a few of your favourite photographs. Of course, while you may be tempted to create this award for the very day, you don’t have to, and when you add it to all the keepsakes of your child’s first year with a photographic record included, it will be a wonderful reminder in years to come.