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About the Music Award Template

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We love this award and from the number of you who have downloaded it, so do you. We reckon it has become so popular because of the number of different occasions you can use it, from the very beginning of taking up an instrument to when grades have been passed, the first public concert has bene played, or the first time a child performs in front of their parents. It is a curious thing but if you ask what most people regret not doing when they were at school, it is not learning to play a musical instrument, usually the piano or guitar. If your son or daughter shows an interest in learning to play an instrument, give them all the encouragement you can. At the early stages when the sounds made on an instrument is nothing like those made by “proper musicians”, it can be very easy to become despondent and it is at this stage many budding musicians give up altogether. So, how can you reduce the chances of that happening?

What better than to award the lucky recipient with a Music Award and a few wise words letting them know that nobody learned to play an instrument overnight and that while some people make it look so easy to play an instrument, it’s only because they’ve practiced longer and harder than anyone else. Now it’s time for you to get practicing with your certificate and award designing…