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About the Marriage Certificate Template

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Before you get too excited and think that by printing off our stylish and classy marriage certificate you’ve just found yourself a legal residency loophole, we’re afraid this isn’t actually a legally binding document, though it looks as though it ought to be. So, why have we created a certificate that you can also get just by marrying someone - we are excluding the fact that our certificate will cost you appreciably less money in the long term? We’ve created a Marriage Certificate because this one’s personal, not one produced by a court official, not one that’s the same as everyone gets, well almost the same but with different names, of course…

With this Marriage Certificate you can include some of your marriage vows and add a personal photograph of the two of you on your wedding day. It’s not complicated and only takes a few clicks of your mouse thanks to the easy-to-use design toolkit we include with all our certificates. Then, after you’ve clicked “Print”, you can think about choosing an appropriate frame to put your Marriage Certificate in so that you can proudly hang it on the wall or display it on a shelf as a gentle reminder of a very special day for the two of you.