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About the Loyalty Certificate Template

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Okay, we know that for many of you, the outright winner of this certificate would be your dog. When it comes to loyalty, nothing beats that of a dog, and not even the fact you’ve got 5,000 points on a loyalty card from your local supermarket is going to challenge that! However, loyalty is almost a dying character trait in today’s survival of the fittest and cutthroat business world. Here we are talking about staff loyalty and the fact that no sooner to you get a new employee up to speed than they get poached by a competitor. You’ve thought of numerous ways to reward your staff, but little seems to work.

Did you know that in many instances, job satisfaction isn’t about the money, it’s about being appreciated in the workplace; it’s about being noticed, and for the right reasons. How many of us tend to respond positively when we are thanked for doing some good work? Sometimes that’s all it takes, which is why, to give you a helping hand and point you in the right direction, we created this classy Loyalty Certificate (it’s actually not the only one as they have proved to be very popular). All you need to do is include the employee’s name and present it to them at work to virtually guarantee many more years of loyal service from them.