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About the Leadership Award Template

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This is one of our most versatile award certificate templates, as we have designed it for businesses. However, as you will discover with all our templates, the design tools will allow you to change all the wording. As a result, this Leadership Award can be given to the captains of sports teams as well as office managers, junior scout leaders or voluntary work supervisors, the list is virtually endless.

In today's digital age where e-this and e-that are the order of the day, being able to print off a document that is tactile and tangible can be so much more effective. Being able to present someone with a personal gift always means so much more, and that perhaps explains why our certificates are proving to be so popular. While many may be storming ahead in a digital direction, there is still plenty of room for a few ‘old-fashioned' things.

Of course you can even go for the double whammy, and download a digital copy of the Leadership award and email it to the recipient for them to post on social media, and then surprise them with the original a few days later.