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About the Karate Black Belt Certificate Template

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Karate is probably the best known of all martial arts with its origins coming from the Ryukyu Kingdom, annexed by Japan in 1879. From then on, the Japanese named it karate and the Japanese style of karate was developed. To be awarded a black belt in karate is the ultimate achievement and is no mean feat. With up to nine different belts to be awarded, to win your black belt can take many, many years and there are fewer people who have reached such a level as you may think. As a result, this is an achievement that should be recognized in every conceivable way, and what better way than with a personalized Karate Black Belt certificate.

With the translation of Karate into English meaning ‘empty hand’, it makes perfect sense that when you congratulate the martial arts master on their remarkable achievement, you don’t leave them ‘empty handed’ either, so now’s the time to start getting creative with your own hands to create an extra-special Karate Black Belt certificate. Why not also get online and order a simple, inexpensive frame to go with it, just to perfect your gift?