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About the Jujitsu Black Belt Certificate Template

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Now here’s a milestone that is genuinely worth celebrating. Jiu Jitsu is recognized as a form of martial arts that was ‘designed’ for smaller people to protect themselves against a larger enemy. We are great champions of the ‘underdog’ and admire anyone who looks also to get one over their foe. While earning a white belt will have been a memorable occasion and provided a genuine sense of achievement, underlined when awarded a purple belt, winning a black belt is the ultimate. It is recognition of total mastery of this martial art and deserves to be marked in every way possible.

We have the perfect gift for you to give as a mark of recognition, a Jiujitsu Black Belt certificate which you can easily personalize with just a couple of clicks of your mouse. Better still, if you have a photograph of the recipient sporting their black belt, you can include that photograph in the certificate as well. Perhaps you’ve noticed that one of your friends or family members has posted their achievement on Facebook but you aren’t going to see them for a while, don’t forget you can also send the certificate in an email, just to make their day!