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About the Happy St Patricks Day 3 Template

There isn’t a person in the Western world, and much of the Eastern world too, that hasn’t heard of St. Patrick’s Day, the day when every Irish man, and woman, celebrates their heritage and the patron saint of their country. It is also interesting how the passage of time also seems to see the truth bent a little, and certain facts swept conveniently under the carpet. Should this stop you from wishing someone you know well and who’s from Ireland a Happy St. Patrick’s Day? Of course not, but you can have a bit of fun while you’re at it.

For instance, St. Patrick’s name wasn’t Patrick, it was Maewyn Succat, and he changed his name to Patricius when he became a priest. Beyond this, he wasn’t even Irish, though that’s only a small detail. He is famed from banishing Ireland of all snakes, which is a curios fact to attribute to him as Ireland never had any snakes! He is also purported to have used the shamrock to explain the holy trinity and that is why it is now the symbol of Ireland. The actual truth is the Irish adopted the shamrock as a symbol of the cross. So, after that revealing history lesson, now’s the time to get creative and print off your own St. Patrick’s Day certificate before making someone’s day that little bit more special.