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About the Happy St Patricks Day Template

Tuesday, March 17, is a day in the calendar that will see many a well-balanced and seemingly responsible member of the community change, overnight, into an almost uncontrollably cheerful, happy and often drunk person. Beyond that, their more-normal somber attire is exchanged for something that contains only one colour, green. Yes, we’re talking about St Patrick’s Day, the day when every Irishman, or anyone who can trace some form of Irish descendancy in their family tree, goes berserk, and then some. If anyone knows how to throw a party or celebrate, it’s the Irish, who, in general, have the most wonderfully genial and hospitable nature.

However, you have to be a little skeptical about this day of celebration, as there are a couple of things that leave one wondering as to the wherewithal of the Irish. If you’re wondering why they wear green, it is because that makes them invisible to leprechauns. Yes, really, that’s why they wear green. Second, St Patrick wasn’t even Irish! However, aside from those two minor details, if you know someone who comes from Irish decent, why not make smile and create a personal Happy St Patrick’s Day ‘certificate’ which you can get even more creative with and cover in elves instead, because we all know that unlike leprechauns, they are real!