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About the Happy New Year Certificate 2 Template

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It’s a funny, as in strange, thing that while we send Christmas cards to everyone we know, we only ever tag “Happy New Year” on to that message, almost as an afterthought. These two days have as much similarity in meaning as chalk resembles cheese, unless the cheese has been left in the back of the fridge for two years! So why combine the two every year when, thanks to Clever Certificates, not only do we have a great range of Christmas certificates, but we also provide templates for New Year as well? “How thoughtful” we hear you say, and you are right, as we try to think of everything so you, in turn, can be even more thoughtful where friends and family are concerned.

Not only do we provide the template for your Happy New Year certificate, but thanks to the inclusive user-friendly toolkit, you can make sure the lucky recipient gets their New Year off to the very best of starts. Of course, if you aren’t going to be able to see them in person, you can still hit the jackpot by emailing the certificate to them, it will make a wonderful change from the reams of spam they have to endure!