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About the Haircut Voucher Template

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Looking to drum up extra business for your hair salon or barber shop, or wanting to reward your most loyal customers? If you're running a promotion, then the last thing you want is to add unnecessary costs, and as we all know, printing doesn't come cheap. Sure, the actual cost of printing the leaflets may only be a few cents each, but the design and layout charges tend to make you choke on your coffee!

We've taken the most expensive part of the task completely out of the equation by providing you with a stylish template, so all you need to do now is fill in the gaps to create a Free Haircut Certificate that promotes your establishment. Upload an image of the front of your salon or shop, add images of a few of the latest trends in haircuts and add a bit of additional color to make the certificate go ‘pop'. Use your home printer and some quality paper, and you've got a classy certificate to promote your business in the best way possible.

Of course there are a few of you out there with a somewhat warped sense of humor, so we know this certificate also gets printed off and given to blokes who are totally bald. Not that we're encouraging such an idea, of course.