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About the Greatest Dad Award Template

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Not all of us are good at letting our parents know how we really feel about them, though in some instances, perhaps in the interests of self-preservation it's best not to tell them. However, when we are feeling benevolent towards them, we can also feel shy and awkward. We aren't all masters of the ‘up close and personal’ approach, so we've come up with the perfect solution, the World's Greatest Dad Certificate. You can leave it in an envelope on the table for them, hand it to them in person and run away, or if you prefer, download a digital image of the certificate you've created, and email them a copy from an ever safer distance.

Of course, if you don't like the wording on any of the free certificate templates we've created, you won't hurt our feelings if you change it, we just came up with some words to point you in the right direction. Our easy-to-use design tools will allow you to change anything you want on the certificate; you can even change the word ‘Greatest' for ‘Worst' if you live on the other side of the world to your dad!