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About the First Day Of School Template

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This is definitely a day for the memory bank and for mums (and dads) this is a tough day to handle. It seems only months ago you were holding yrou newborn child in your arms and now they are making their first move towards showing you that they can manage perfectly well without you by their side. It’s a tough one handing the safety and security of your child over to a relative stranger while you wonder just how much your child is going to miss you throughout the course of the day. Is it a relief or total heartbreak to discover at the end of the day your child didn’t miss you at all and that they can’t wit to go back again tomorrow?

Before you consign the day to the annals of history, why not print off our First Day of School Certificate to present to your son or daughter to mark the great event. If you wait until the end of the day, doubtless you’ll have loads of photos on your camera or smartphone that you could add a few from to the certificate to make it ultra-special and a great, great reminder for you all to share over the years to come.