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About the Favorite Family Recipe Template

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Scratching your head wondering what you would use this template for? Well before you create a bald patch, how many of you have kids who have just left home and who you know miss their favorite meals that only mom knows how to cook? While many of our certificates are designed to be printed off, they can also be downloaded in digital format for attaching to emails. You then get the choice of either sending a recipe card to your son or daughter they can pin up by the cooker, or email it to them and they can keep it handy on their smartphone and refer to it whenever they are in need of some comfort food and also need a warm fuzzy reminder of life back home.

Thanks to the tools we provide with every template to help you with the design of the recipe card, you can add your own artwork, a photo of the dish itself, include cooking tips and really make this a personal treat. The only thing we couldn't quite manage was a ‘smell' button to go with the design tools, but we're working on it!