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About the Fathers Day Award Template

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This is one award all father’s love to receive, especially if it is deserved. Have you got an extra-special dad you think deserves this Father’s Day Award? Maybe your mom has found this award and wants you to help her get creative and make it even more personal for your father? Have you got some photographs of him being a great dad you can include, or maybe he did something really special for you recently and you’d like to use this certificate to thank him (again) for being so great?

Whether you are creating this award on your own or with some help from your mom, one thing is guaranteed and that is your father will be over the moon (not literally, unless he’s an astronaut as some kids do have an astronaut as a father) to receive it. If he’s really lucky, you might have also bought him some new socks to go with it, or maybe some chocolates you can help him eat – with such a thoughtful gift as this certificate, you’ll be able to get away with all sorts for a day or two, but don’t push your luck too far!