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About the Employee Of The Year Award Template

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With our Employee of the Year certificate, just one small gesture can make a huge difference, and not just to the recipient. Sure, other employees may wonder why they didn't win Employee of the Year, but what you are doing is letting everyone know that actually, all their work is noticed, and that if they do really well, they will be appreciated. Presenting our certificate as a long-lasting memento works very well with a small gift and disproportionately improves staff morale. Yet another example where it is the thought that counts the most.

One thing you may also notice with our award certificate template, is that you can change all the wording on it using the design tools, which means you can change the word ‘Year' to ‘Month' or even ‘Week', which will allow you to ‘spread the love' and if you have an Employee of the Week award, you've got a better chance of including more of your workforce on the roll call of recipients of this motivational award.