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About the Easter Bunny Visit Award Template

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Easter and Christmas are wonderful times of the year to introduce Christian beliefs to the younger generations. While both are highly symbolic dates in the Christian religious calendar, that doesn’t mean they can’t be ‘celebrated’ as they both mark extremely important events. Easter Eggs are very traditional as the egg was a long-held symbol of fertility. Originally chicken’s eggs were painted to celebrate Easter, and then they were made of cardboard so they could contain a gift. We have the French and Germans to thank for Easter eggs being made from chocolate! As for the Easter Bunny, well rabbits were also seen as very fertile, and an appropriate bearer of Easter eggs to represent the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

So, if the Easter Bunny has paid a visit and hidden some eggs around the home or garden, what better way to let someone know than to present them with an official certificate “left by the Easter Bunny” himself to announce that he has paid a visit and to get the day’s chocolate-laden fun off to a great start? Why not get super-creative and include a photo of the recipient or adorn the card with more eggs, rabbits and chickens for a bit of extra impact – the sky’s the limit thanks to our handy design toolkit we include with every certificate.