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About the Declaration Of Love Certificate Template

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Many of you may think you are genuine romantics at heart, remembering to buy flowers and chocolates for your loved one on their birthday, an anniversary, or on Valentine's day. Truth be told, we do this more out of fear of some dreadful punishment if we forget rather than a declaration of undying love. These acts are more ones of self-preservation than romantic gestures!

Ask anyone what a real romantic gesture is and chances are the response will be that it can be something small, something that didn't cost so much that a second mortgage had to be taken out, something that is simply thoughtful, or something that is a complete surprise. Here at Clever Certificates we have the perfect gift idea which ticks all four of these boxes.

To give the person dearest to you written testament to the way you feel about them, perhaps tucked away in a drawer for them to discover unexpectedly, couldn't be a more sincere declaration of your love for them. Thanks to our template and oh-so-simple design tools, you can make the certificate more personal, perhaps upload a photo of the two of you together, and include a few lyrics from ‘our song'. The options to be creative are endless, as clearly your love is as well.