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About the Cutest Baby Award Template

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Everybody's baby is cute, adorable, loveable and cuddly, despite the fact they keep you awake all night and you have to change their diapers more times than you can remember in a single day, while they are screaming and crying for no apparent reason. Frayed nerves, a short temper, despair and feeling more tired than you ever thought possible still leave you totally in love with your baby, so if you can survive all that, then clearly you wouldn't go through everything if your child wasn't the cutest baby under the sun. Just for you, we decided to create a celebratory award certificate template to underline your baby's undoubted cuteness.

Our template for the Cutest Baby couldn't be simpler to adapt for your own baby thanks to the easy-to-use design tools. You can add your own words, images and, of course, a picture of your little bundle of joy to then have a great looking certificate you can pin up on the wall and coo over while letting all your guests know without telling them that you are the proudest mom in the world.