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About the Coming Of Age Certificate Template

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How times have changed. Where once 'coming of age' was 21, now it seems for most to be 16. Not only do kids grow up faster today, but childhood seems to end so quickly and the next thing you know, you can't find your car keys and the driveway's empty! Now you can mark this special day with their very own Coming of Age Certificate. This is one of those memorable milestones in anyone's life, and sometimes we don't seem to have anything tangible to remember it by, but with our Coming of Age free certificate template, you can make sure that doesn't happen to your son or daughter.

You can either be sincere and heartfelt, perhaps including some wise quote on entering adulthood, or you can embarrass them a little by adding photographs from when they were a baby until they reached 16. You'll quickly find you can change all the text on the template we've created, and our design tools will help you upload any images or photographs, it's much easier than you might imagine, and great creative fun into the deal.