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About the Christmas Warmth Certificate Template

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More than any other time of the year we visit the homes of friends and family to share a little bit of Christmas cheer (and spirit!) with them. Ever notice that some homes seem to have a more welcoming feel than others, homes that exude Christmas warmth? Depending on where you live in the world, that warmth can come either from a roaring fire in the living room or a fired-up barbecue out on the terrace. The warmth also comes from those you visit and who either embrace you with a rib-crushing hug, or those who peck you, almost frostily and begrudgingly, on the cheek (you know who we mean)! Just occasionally you want to let someone know that they are special, that they really made you feel genuinely welcome, and that you appreciate it. However, we are not all comfortable giving thanks beyond that dictated by good manners because we get a bit embarrassed. Here at Clever Certificates, we have the perfect solution for you.

Why not print off a thoughtful and customizable Christmas Warmth Certificate and either quietly, or announced with a full fanfare, present it to the people whose home exudes warmth at Christmas? It’s a great way of letting them know how much you appreciate them, and it will also guarantee a repeat invite next year, not that we are suggesting you may have any ulterior motive for presenting this certificate!