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About the Christmas Greetings 1 Template

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Christmas cards can get very dull and unimaginative, they all lack that personal touch and a sense of individuality. However, thanks to a number of templates we have created for you to help celebrate the festive season, you can get creative and bring a unique twist to your Christmas Greetings. You'll see with this particular template that we've created a specific space for you to add a personal photo, and it doesn't matter if you look like Shrek or George Clooney, Fiona, or Taylor Swift, on our Christmas Greetings card template, you'll look absolutely fabulous.

Of course our design tools allow you to use any image you want on your card, and we've even supplied a great range of add-on images for you to choose from. Make the most of a great opportunity to try out your design skills and make Christmas even more fun this year!