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About the Chili Cook Off Champion Certificate Template

Who do you know who doesn't wince at the sound of the word chili, and who cooks food that to anyone without an asbestos-lined mouth would be inedible? You know the guy or girl we're talking about, the one who eats Scotch Bonnets as though they were candy. Strange how some of us break out into a cold sweat with even the mildest chili, and think the Scoville scale was created by a sadist. C'mon on guys, who the heck needs a scale for the heat of chilis and classes them with a ‘subjective measurement dependent on the capsaicin sensitivity of testers’. In other words if it doesn't make you cry when you eat it, give it a one, and if you think you've just set your stomach on fire, give it a ten.

If you know a chili lover, then why not wave the white flag and award them a Chili Champion certificate, if they like chilis that much, chances are this is the only certificate they will ever be awarded in their life as anyone who loves chilis can't be the sharpest tool in the box. Got some photos of them gorging on a chili fest? Upload them and add them to the certificate using our handy tools, and include a few more images of chilis for good measure. Chili lovers may be creative in the kitchen, but you can get just as creative with your laptop or PC.