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About the Certified Sagittarius Award Template

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We’ve often wondered if Cupid was a Sagittarian, or Robin Hood. Maybe the Battle of Hastings might have had a different outcome if King Harold was a Sagittarian? Maybe the poet Longfellow was a Sagittarian and this was his inspiration for the line: “I shot an arrow in the air, it fell to earth I know not where”. More to the point, you have to admit that Longfellow must have been pretty irresponsible to go around firing arrows in the air without a care for anyone else around! So, while you may not know any archers, perhaps you know someone who is a Sagittarian by dint of the date of their birth.

If their birthday falls between November 22 and December 21, then they’re a Sagittarian. If they really do merit the Certified Sagittarius Award, then perhaps having their birthday at that time of year is insufficient. So, how about their character traits? If that person is forthright and honest, those are well-known Sagittarian traits. If they speak their mind and tell you “how it is” without a hint of tact, diplomacy or subtlety and definitely without a care in the world for your feelings, they are definitely a Sagittarian! So, why give them an award for upsetting you? Well, sometimes we don’t know how to broach the subject of someone’s tactlessness, so presenting them with this award would be a great way to get the conversation started, but make sure they’re not carrying a bow at the time…