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About the Certified Responsible Driver Template

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As a parent it is always an anxious time as your child, who by now really isn't a child, experiences another rite of passage when they get behind the wheel of a car for the first time. If it is your own car, fears of losing any no-claims bonus on your insurance policy become a curse, while worrying about your own safety, and that of other road users, can be exhausting if you take on the responsibility of driving instructor as well.

Truth be told, our kids don't turn into homicidal maniacs the moment they start to drive, and scrapes and bumps are usually something we too have been involved in, our kids don't have a monopoly on such things, though many of us believe they do!

Perhaps in return for your son or daughter getting through their first half dozen outings, or particularly if they pass their driving test, our Responsible Driver certificate template is the perfect little ‘well done!' you can give them and which will go a long way to reassuring them that despite your earlier misgivings, you believe in their abilities.

With the simple design tools, you can add a few images and words of congratulations of your own just to make it extra-personal and to make them feel that you are genuinely really proud of them.