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About the Certified Non Smoker 2 Template

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If you are close to someone who has given up smoking, you may be wondering why they deserve a certificate to mark their achievement and not yourself. After all, for the last three months (that’s how long we feel it takes for a smoker to become a non-smoker), you will have had to endure a whole load of personal challenges yourself. What are we talking about? Trying to cope with someone who will likely bite your head off at the slightest thing, whose mood swings will leave you totally perplexed, and who has forced you to tread on eggshells for weeks on end. So, maybe you’d better have a look to see if we’ve got a “Patience of Job” award to give yourself!

However, this award is for someone who, despite all you have had to endure, deserves to have their great achievement recognised. They will really appreciate your forgiveness and understanding that they haven’t been the easiest of people to deal with recently and a thoughtful gift from you is probably the last thing they will expect, so you can guarantee it will be genuinely cherished. Why not also get creative with the deign toolkit we include with every certificate template and make it ultra-personal and even more thoughtful too?