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About the Certified Non Smoker Template

This is a certificate that every smoker should aim to be awarded, but smoking is harder to give up than you might realize if you have never smoked. It is probably safe to say that if someone has stopped smoking for a period of three months, then they have earned the right to call themselves a non-smoker. However, while that is the ultimate goal, like everything we achieve in life, sometimes it’s good to either receive, or give yourself, a reward, something you can look at with a sense of pride and achievement. Giving up smoking is a massive achievement and anyone who has achieved this challenge deserves to feel proud.

Better still, what better way to mark their achievement than to award them a Certified Non-smoker Award? Not only will you be giving them something they can cherish, but it also lets them know you also understand and recognise just what a brilliant achievement it is. Heaping praise on them will also help the recipient if ever they have thoughts of smoking again and they spot their award on the wall. Not only would they be letting themselves down, but they would be letting you down too, which is a great incentive to have a rethink! So, get creative and add to our template and design an individual award for someone who will genuinely appreciate your acknowledgement of their massive achievement.