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About the Certified Chocoholic Award Template

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What is it about chocolate that makes it so difficult to resist? Dark, milk or white chocolate, it's all wonderful and it all tastes delicious. However there are some of you who like chocolate a little more than others, and for once you can add the attachment ‘holic' to a word and it doesn't take on a social stigma. Being a chocoholic is no bad thing, well, actually it's not exactly ideal for your health. So who do you know whose favorite time of year is Easter and who worships the Easter Bunny?

For the chocoholic, Easter is a wonderful time of year as there have to be over 1,000 different chocolate Easter eggs available, and while they can't try each and every one of them, the chocoholic will have a seriously good try. So it's clear what you might buy them at Easter, but how about having some fun and creating a Certified Chocoholic Certificate for them? Start with our award certificate template and then get super-creative. Add images of all their favorite chocolate bars, chocolate bunnies, chocolate fountains and you're nearly there. Use the design tools we provide to write in chocolate brown ink, and make this Certified Chocoholic Certificate look good enough to eat!