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About the Certified Cancer Award Template

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If you are going to be born under an astrological sign, Cancer is probably the last one you'd probably choose for obvious reasons; it's enough to make anyone feel crabby. It is also bizarre how a constellation of stars was named Cancer as it resembled the shape of a crab, and cancer is the Latin word for crab. Ok, that's another useless bit of trivia, but there have to be some redeeming and interesting facts about Cancer as otherwise it just becomes too morbid.

So for those of you who are Cancerians (does that word exist?) you deserve a smart and stylish certificate to add a bit of glamor to the proceedings, which we've provided. We've also given you some great design tools that will allow you to create a personal astrological character description, either from what you've researched on the web, what we have discovered and put in the template, or you can just plain lie and tell the world all people born under the sign of Cancer are just plain wonderful.