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About the Certificate Of Training Template

We have mentioned the importance of making employees feel noticed and valued, and to do so doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of financial bonuses. Often the simple acknowledgement of their achievements and your appreciation of them is all that it takes. So, if you have a new employee who is going through a period of training, it will be an anxious time for them as they try to reach the required standards your business has set. Once they have completed their training and they have guaranteed themselves a longer-term position, what better time and way to welcome them “aboard” than with a Certificate of Training that formally lets them know they have met the standards required? It will go a lot further than just a pat on the back and will let that new employee know from the get-go that if they do a good job, it will be noticed and acknowledged.

The great thing about our certificates, such as the Certificate of Training, is that you can easily personalise them, thanks to the handy design toolkit we include with each one. Instead of a straight copy of our great-looking certificate, you can add an extra personal touch by including a photograph of them to make them feel they really belong.