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About the Certificate Of Virginity Template

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While so much of society has changed for today’s youth, and not always for the best, it is reassuring to see that certain things still have meaning and value as they have done for centuries. Here we are talking about your virginity and being a virgin, which is something you should be immensely proud to be, despite what can, for some, be immense peer pressure. So, why have a Certificate of Virginity? Because it lets anyone who wants to get to know you and get close to you that you are a virgin and that they need to treat you with respect. It can also be difficult in this day and age to stick to principles when we may feel that we are being marginalized or are missing out. Having a Certificate of Virginity will act as a constant reminder to you of your own values and will help to guide you and support you when your will might be weakening, or you are feeling confused.

Why not add a few personal comments to the certificate underlining why your virginity is so important to you and why you have chosen to follow the path you have? Why, for you, it is the right decision to protect your virtue.