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About the Certificate Of Sanity Template

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We've all got great friends, but you have to admit that sometimes you do have to question the levels of sanity of some of them. We'd like to think that the opposite of sanity was just plain stupid, and this certificate is just perfect for those who have done something really dumb, but through a committee vote, you have decided that they can just about pass for being sane. Now, would you give this certificate to Matt Stoney for being able to eat 141 hard boiled eggs in just 8 minutes? Maybe, maybe not, but for sure you wouldn't want to have been in the same room as him anytime afterwards!

Thanks to our easy-to-use design tools that are available with every certificate template, you can customize and personalize this certificate to include any information you want, especially if it is of an embarrassing nature. Hopefully you've got some incriminating photographs you can add to the template as well for extra effect. The options are as endless as your imagination.