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About the Certificate Of Membership Template

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Now, this is a certificate you can have some real fun with, assuming that is, you haven't got a club and you genuinely need membership certificates, in which case this is still perfect for you. Here we are talking about presenting a membership certificate to friends or loved ones who have joined a club that perhaps they didn't even know existed. It could be a lazy husband's club, a hopeless cook's club, the mid-life crisis club, or the ‘I dented the new car' club. The beauty of our templates is you can adapt and personalize them to your heart's content. If you really want to give your boyfriend a shock and present him with a Membership Certificate to the ‘my girlfriend's pregnant' club and watch him go pale.

We've provided you with some very effective yet easy-to-use design tools, so you can add images as well as change the text to suit. Have fun and get super-creative with both your ideas and the template. We reckon that once you start with these certificates, you'll be creating many, many more of them, and having a good laugh in the process.