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About the Certificate Of Internship Template

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More and more businesses today offer internship positions to allow potential future employees to get a feel and understanding for a business. Students in particular seek intern roles in companies, and everyone knows that you're lucky if, as an intern, you get paid. There is always the danger than at the end of an internship period, no matter how successful it has been for both sides, a nagging feeling remains for the intern that they have been 'used' or 'taken advantage of', and perhaps doesn't feel fully appreciated.

A few words of thanks at the end of an internship can help the situation, but to create and present that person with a personalized Certificate of Internship will speak volumes and could well encourage the intern to want to come back when they are looking for full-time employment. Good new staff are hard to come by, so investing five minutes of your time with our easy-to-use Intern Certificate template could be the best five minutes you have spent in a long time.

The news just gets better as you don't even need to pass this task on to your IT or 'creative' department. With just a few clicks of your mouse, the simple addition of your corporate logo, and including a few personal words, then just click the 'print' button and you're good to go!