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About the Cat Pawprints Certificate Template

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We all wish our pets could live forever, but unless yours is a rare Galapagos Islands tortoise, or an albatross (yes, they live to be over fifty years of age) chances are you're going to outlive it, and a few more besides. It is a heartbreaking experience and one none of us ever get used to dealing with, especially if it is a cat. When we look back, often we are just left with a few photos, an empty bowl or two, and a collar, but nothing that really immortalizes them. That's when we came up with the idea of a cat's pawprints certificate. After all, many of us parents today have hand and footprints recorded of our babies, so why not have them for a far more important member of the family?

You can adapt the template we've created for you and you can design away to your hearts content to catalyze (as opposed to personalize) your cat's pawprints certificate, before taking your life in your hands by dipping your cats paws in paint. Oh, and before you start wondering whether to use gloss or satin pain, for the sake of your cat, and your furniture and carpets, please only use 100% safe ‘child-friendly' non-toxic paint, which you can easily find online. Your cat doesn't have to be child friendly, before you start wondering about the paint...