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About the Breakup Certificate Template

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Breaking up with someone is never easy and we all want to try and do it in as painless a way as possible. However, sometimes if we are too nice, the message just doesn’t get through. On the other hand, being cruel and heartless in the hope the other person will simply hate you and get over you much quicker doesn’t always work either, they just get hurt twice as much. So, is there a happy medium somewhere, and we don’t mean a cheerful clairvoyant? Perhaps the kind and gentle approach coupled with a Breakup Certificate as a means of underlining the fact you have given more than just a passing thought to splitting up will do the trick. To be honest, we’re not relationship counsellors and therefore we can’t give you any hard and fast advice.

There again, maybe you have reached the end of your tether with someone special and you want to give them a wake-up call as clearly words have so far failed. Maybe you could try waving this certificate at them and warning them that if they don’t get their act together, they’ll either arrive home one day and find it lying on the table, or if you don’t live together, they’ll get one sent in the post!