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About the Birthday Certificate Template

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While the last thing you will be thinking of in the hours after you have just become a mom or dad will be to start designing a personal Birthday Certificate, when the dust has settled and life has got back to something near, but never near enough normal, what better time than to get designing and adapt our stylish Birth Certificate for your newborn child. Official Birth Certificates are legal documents and, as such, all look identical (save for the names!), which is hardly befitting of your totally unique new bundle of joy. That’s why we felt that every newborn child deserves to have their own, unique and personalized Birth Certificate. We also know that it will make a wonderful addition to all those little keepsakes you put away in box to be reminisced over in the years to follow, wondering where it all went wrong…

Armed with smartphone in hand at the birth, or shortly afterwards, no doubt you have hundreds of photos you can use with this great looking Birth Certificate. Thanks to the handy design tool we provide with all our certificates, you can upload your favourite picture of them all and make this a perfect reminder of a very special event.