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About the Best Trick Or Treater Award Template

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Halloween is one of those celebrations that is enjoyed in so many countries across the globe, but there is actually no great significance to it, unlike Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving. It is just a day where events over the passage of time have led to the development of what is now an uber-commercial time, and any past reference to crops, harvest and food have become buried.

Here you can get smart and get printing your own cleverly designed certificates for all sorts of Halloween-related congratulations, and it will only cost you the price of a few sheets of paper and some ink, yet the reward you will get will be huge.

How about congratulations for the scariest looking person not wearing a costume, the kid who collected the most candy or the kid who ate the most candy without throwing up, for not causing anyone to have a heart attack through fright, or how about rewarding the kids for not getting out of control when on a massive sugar rush? The list is endless.

We've given you a Halloween-themed template in traditional orange and black colors, so all you need to do is add your own ideas, think of some great things to congratulate kids (and adults) for, and get creative with our easy-to-use design tools to create something spooktacular (we couldn't resist that one!).