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About the Best Snowman Award Template

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Christmas is a time of great excitement for kids, and adults too. However it can be difficult to keep the kids under control as the time approaches for Santa to pay his annual visit, and it is at times like this we have to rely on threats and bribery to keep things on an even keel, as well as teaching our kids a valuable life lesson. Gentle reminders about Santa not coming if they misbehave will work, and wouldn't it be nice to give them a pre-Christmas surprise on Christmas Eve to let them know just how good they have been? We like this certificates, and judging by the number of times the template was used last Christmas, so do you.

Enjoy designing your own certificate with the help of our easy-to-use design tools and uploading images of your child to make the certificate very personal to them. Add as many Christmassy images as you want, and go to town as you discover you could have been a graphic designer after all! Merry Christmas to you!