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About the Best Santa Suit Award Template

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Who doesn't like Christmas and the opportunity to get dressed up, AND, in clothes you wouldn't ordinarily wear at any other time of the year, well hopefully you don't? However, oddly enough, persuading some people to get dressed up as Santa is not so easy and a certain level of resistance can be met with. We guess that not everyone feels good dressed up as an unshaven, old and fat grey-haired bloke, but hey, each to their own. Truth is, that like many things you do in life, you do it for the kids, and just occasionally an extra ‘thank you' goes a long way. That's why we created the Best Santa Suit Award certificate, to be given to reluctant dads all across the country who ‘did their duty'.

With an easy-to-work-with award certificate template and some simple design tools, you can go to town (not literally) and really create something special and personal as a thank you, and then ruin the sentiment behind the card by uploading an image of Santa in all his finery, to remind them just how stupid they really looked. The kids will love to give you a helping hand, as long as you don't mind tiptoeing around why Santa sounded (and smelled) just like dad!