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About the Best Halloween Treats Award Template

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It may seem strange to be wishing someone a Happy Halloween when the day is more associated with ‘little cherubs’ dressed up as ghouls, ghosts, vampires and devils who promptly proceed to make the most of their once-a-year opportunity to act as they would normally were they left to their own devices year round. Buried in the mire of what Halloween has become for children is the true meaning of Halloween. To ‘hallow’ means to bless, and Halloween is a shortened version of All Hallows Eve, the day before All Saints’ Day, and the intention is for the day to ward off evil spirits, not create them in the form of young children!

So, while some of your friends may be (pleasantly) surprised by your Happy Halloween certificate, good for you for remembering to put back into Halloween something that has become more and more frequently forgotten. While you’re busy creating some certificates for all the kids who will be enjoying their freedom to run riot, our easily customizable Happy Halloween template will take no more than a couple of minutes to personalize as a thoughtful additional touch as well.